About Us

Graeme Brodie served his apprenticeship with Thomas Hadden in Edinburgh, learning and training in the traditional skills of the blacksmith using the forge and anvil. Graeme then went on to gain experience with Grange Metalwork Ltd before embarking on a long and industrious career with Fencing and Smithcraft of Edinburgh.

Graeme Brodie founded his own blacksmith company in 1995.

We are a small Family company Father and Son with a workshop in the Leith area of Edinburgh. These days, as well as producing hand crafted bespoke items, we are mainly involved in repair and restoration work, and light industrial steel work.

We currently have repair contracts with several housing associations and do regular work for many other organisations. We also work in close conjunction with a Local Iron Foundry based in Edinburgh, and we have been involved in the repair and restoration of cast iron railings within the historical City of Edinburgh.

Our main customers include: Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association, Dunedin Canmore Housing Association, Huntershall Housing Association